Achievements of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist. He is known for his deep passion for studying aging and cancer. He currently works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY where he takes the position of an oncology professor. Mikhail is driven by his dream of slowing the process of aging and the prevention and cure of cancer. He continues to study on methods of preventing aging and cancer and the possible treatments. The research interests of Blagosklonny include cancer and the targeted cancer therapies to be used in the protection of the human’s normal cells. He also research about biogerontology. This is the underlying mechanism behind aging.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncologist. He is known all over the world for his tremendous contributions in Rapamycin. This is a potential cancer treatment drug. He created a hypothesis regarding the potential TOR signaling role in both cancer and aging. Mikhail has gone into records as one of the most fervent advocates of the rapamycin drug in the research for longevity. Mikhail is involved with the peer-reviewed journal known as Oncotarget where he is the Editor-in-Chief. His experience and skills as a scientist have helped the journal to acquire readership from all parts of the world. Blagosklonny is the associate editor working for the Cancer Biology and Therapy.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a key member of the editorial board at Cell Death and Differentiation. He has managed to publish many papers regarding oncology, cancer, and aging. His papers have more than twenty thousand citations. This has given Mikhail 83 h-index. Blagosklonny mostly deals with signal transduction, tumor suppressors, apoptosis, cellular biology, mitosis, anticancer therapeutics, and cancer cell cycling in his scientific research. He is involved with PLOS ONE, The American Journal of Pathology, and Autophagy where he is the associate editor. Mikhail is the co-founder and also the co-editor of Oncoscience. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

Blagosklonny has a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine which he acquired at the First Pavlov State Medical University, St. Petersburg. He also has a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the same University. Mikhail Blagosklonny joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009 after working for several institutions such as the New York Medical College. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Wen By Chaz: Outdoing Itself Once Again

WEN hair is a product that has really been gaining a lot of steam as of late and for good reason: it is a tremendous product. Behind every product, there is a great mind and a great leader. In this case, it is Chaz Dean. He is known as a hair guru, and he lives up to his lofty reputation. As with anything in life, the product is only going to be as good as the person putting the work in and coming up with the ideas. This is a labor of love for Chaz Dean, and it clearly shows in the final results.

That is why reviewers like Emily McClure of penned this review on These reviewers/bloggers are very busy and have to write about a lot of products. However, she took time out of her busy schedule to use this on her fine hair because she knew it was worth it. When something is worth it, people put in the extra effort and they really give it a full review. In this case, it is a seven day review that also includes pictures! It is always a great thing when someone can see pictures so they know the pictures back up the words.

Over the course of seven days, she noticed great changes in her fine hair. She used the Fig version which promises extra bounce and shine. In her pictures, it is easy to see how happy she was and how much of a difference this product made on her hair. It was not just for show. It was the real deal. She even offered up an assessment on what other people had to say about her hair. They were also very happy about it and they couldn’t help but notice the confidence it brought with her.

Wen hair care products are available online via eBay and Guthy-Renker. Also see,

Copa Star: Hospital, Five Star Hotel & Luxury

After the world cup, the creators of this hospital decided to create something that was bourgeois and grand. A hospital that had everything that one could need. They decided that it would not be the worst idea to have a hospital that was furnished with a hotel rate five stars and several other things that would make it even better.

Now, in Brazil, you can walk into Copa Star and enjoy all that in one place. The hospital is built right next t the world’s most beautiful beach Copacabana which just adds to the home ambiance that the hotel possesses. This has made them able to expand and incorporate this idea of combining a hotel and a hospital.

Most Luxurious

From the food, the state of the art equipment they use to treat you, the spacious rooms, the paintings that hang on these walls, the warm lights and the staff who are trained to make this more than just a hospital, you get it all. The Copa Star is indeed luxurious even from the outside with a well-designed building and lots of natural light streaming in from the picturesque setting.

The five stars hotel is equipped with the best equipment, the best chefs and the food they cook is not just food, more like cuisine. That is why this hospital is regarded the most luxurious of its kind. When you walk in, you can just smell delicious foods that make even the most nauseated patients hungry. View the design at RafArquitetura.

Paintings on The Wall

How would you feel if you walked into a hospital and found the most cheerful and appropriate painting that just soothe you when you look at them? Well, you can find that at the Copa Star. The Japanese artist Yutaka was the one tasked with painting them, and they are gorgeous.

The Food Is Great

The food is not just food cooked anyhow; it’s a bunch of menus that are prepared to make sure that there is variety, diversity and that the food is irresistible even to the patients who may have a hard time eating anything.

Equipment is Great

The technology that they have will ensure that you are getting the best treatment that you can get. This way, the patients have the options that are wide so that they can explore every avenue on their road to recovery. So, do not worry, you are in safe hands here.

Worldwide Plans

The methods of joining luxury and medical care like that are very appealing and am sure that when we talk about expanding to go global, it’s going to happen. So far, they have expanded in Brazil, and they are enjoying good ratings.

In Conclusion

The luxury in this hotel is great; you will love it.

Robert Santiago Introduces a New Concept for Fun and Leisure

Roberto Santiago is a man of exceptional talents, but, one of his major accomplishments was the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Mall has been designed with modern features that are suitable for the family.

Roberto Santiago started his entrepreneurial career later after completing college. When he began his career, He got a job at the Café Santa Rosa. Roberto Santiago completed his business administration studies from the University Center of Joao Pessoa and also attended the Marist Pio X College. He launched his first business soon after finishing college. His Company was involved in the manufacturing of utilitarian objects.

After two years of construction, Manaira Mall was inaugurated in 1989, and since then it has gained great acceptance from residents of Joao Pessoa. The Mall is the largest Shopping Center in Paraiba State in Brazil. The Mall has over 280 stores. It offers versatility when it comes to fun activities. Robert’s primary motivation for constructing the Mall was to offer the whole family a place to relax and have fun. Read more articles on

When you visit the mall, not only will you get access to various screening rooms, but also the gaming features. Manaira Shopping Mall comes with an electronically powered amusement park that has over 200 games. It has a bowling alley that is also electronically operated. For the people who love movies, the Mall presents a variety of options. All of their screening rooms have been fitted with modern entertainment equipment. The movie theater contains a bar and a popcorn center. Manaira Shopping Mall comes with different recreational centers including a full equipped gym.

They have included a gourmet space that houses a burger and steak houses. That is not all they also have a food court that has different restaurants with various mouthwatering cuisines.

In 2009, the Domus Hall was inaugurated. With a capacity of 8,000 people, the concert hall is one of the largest halls in Joao Pessoa. The hall resembles a grand theater design, and it has two floors. The ground floor is spacious, and it can be used by various people to host weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, art exhibitions and so much more. The hall comes with state-of-the-art sound system and air conditioner system.

The second floor- Mezzanine contains private and individual cabins. It has a music lounge also dressing rooms. These rooms can accommodate up to ten people at a time. The concert hall is known for its contemporary music. The goal of the mall is to appeal to the young people.

Besides running the Mall, Robert Santiago has developed other interests including the kart racing and motocross. He has participated in different championships and won trophies. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

A Look At Dick Devos’ Charitable Giving

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have given a substantial amount of money in their lifetimes, around $139 million. Much of their charitable giving is for education and the arts although they do give in other areas such as for health & human services and churches. The couple directs their donations through the foundation they created in 1979, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

In just 2015 they gave away $11.6 million to various causes. $3 million of that went to educational causes as it is a priority to them. Dick has commented that the current system isn’t working when the zip code you grow up in is the main determinate in whether you receive a quality education or not. In order to give everyone a shot at the American dream it is important that funding is more equitable. Much of the dollars that they donate are to schools in their native Michigan but they do also donate to national causes and schools in other states.

The DeVos’ gave $2.4 million to support the arts in 2015. some of that went to support the DeVos Institute of Arts Management which is at the University of Maryland. This program is designed to enable the next generation of business leaders know how to efficiently run an art institution and how to successfully raise funds to support it.

For 2015 the rest of Dick and Betsy’s donations went to civic causes, in the amount of $1.8 million, $1.5 million for leadership and development, $1.3 million for public policy, $618,000 for health & human services, and $488,250 went to various churches.

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and businessman who was raised in Michigan. His father, Richard, co-founded Amway. After he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwood University he began his professional career working for Amway. He eventually worked his way up to the Vice President level where he led the company’s international efforts. During the time he oversaw this division of the company Amway’s international sales grew from only 5% of the company’s revenue to over 50%. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company from 1993 to 2002.

In the late 1980’s Dick DeVos also founded The Windquest Group. This is privately held investment firm that primarily works in the fields of technology and manufacturing. The company is also heavily involved in alternative and renewable energy. One of the products they work with is the Green Machine which captures waste heat created during manufacturing and uses it to generate power.


Medical experts Innovacare- Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Richard Shinto

Health issues are very critical, and one has to take good care of their bodies to avoid heath complications. Although at times it ‘s hard to prevent diseases it is much easier to take precautions and save in the case of any emergency. Several pharmaceutical firms offer health insurance in America.

Innovacare is one of the leading medical management service providers located in Northern America. The medical organization has been delivering their services as well as products in two ways including Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid programs. Innovacare has experienced staff that is committed to distributing quality healthcare by designing models that are suitable, cost effective, and which is advanced in technology. The medical organization is founded on a high mission of redefining health administration to meet the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry today. Innovacare’s vision is to build strong customer care relationship, as it focuses on offering reliable, affordable, and innovative, custom-made services and products. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

The values of the organization are;

  • Quality medical care; Innovacare considers this as its end goal in all its activities.
  • Health care management works best: it holds its stakeholders accountable to high standards of quality and transparency.
  • Patients come first.
  • Expansion as an organization
  • Modernized medical care and practices.
  • Strong customer relationship.

Innovacare has qualified management team that has vast experience in the field. To be able to deliver quality services and products to their clients, the medical company added executives in the enterprise. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

Penelope Kokkinides: she was recently appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare. She brings with him his vast experience of over two decades in the medical industry. She specializes in the developing clinical programs and managing health care. Penelope has also served as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer for CenterLight Healthcare. Other top positions she has held include Chief Operating Officer of TouchStone Health among others.

Dr. Richard Shinto: Dr. Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare. Before becoming g the Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare, Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Av eta Inc. before it was sold. Dr. Shin to has a vast experience in the medical management. He has also worked in several other medical institutions including; NAMM California where he served as the Chief Medical Officer, Cal-Optima Health plan as the Chief Medical Officer, and Med Partners as the Vice President for Medical Management. Shinto is a go-getter who has written several books on medical topics. He attended State University for his degree in medicine and MBA from the University of Redlands.

Ricardo Tosto – Prominent Name In The Brazil’s Legal Sphere

The Brazil’s legal system is based primarily on Portuguese Law due to the colonization of the country by Portuguese in the 18th century. However, after independence, the country’s law was significantly influenced by its European counterparts, such as Italy, French, and German. Such influences do not discredit the country’s legal system that has its constitutional principles and amendments added to it. In a way, it can be said that the Brazil’s law is a hybrid.

The country has gone through tremendous growth and development in the past few decades and stands tall as the eighth largest economies in the world. It has helped the country’s legal system to strengthen itself and has empowered the law education in the country too. Law remains a popular choice of profession among the Brazilian students.

However, the country has a stringent screening process to ensure only the best of students become the lawyers. The students need to pass the Vestibular exam, which is essential for students to pass to get into a graduation course. After the graduation, students need to pass the National Bar Examination to become an attorney.

In the field of law in Brazil, one of the well-known personalities has been Ricardo Tosto. He started his career in a small office and due to his achievements and remarkable performance in various court cases he successfully fought for his firm; he was soon inducted in one of the biggest law firms in the country.

After working for few years with a larger law firm, he finally opened his law firm, Tosto and Barros Advogados, where he serves as a partner. He has successfully represented many high profile public figures in the country and has many top Brazilian companies as his clients. Ricardo Tosto provides strategic guidance and inputs in the cases taken up by his firm and ensures the clients get the justice they deserve. for more.

Omar Boraie Stretches His Philanthropic Donations to Support the Health Sector

In an effort to identify with the locales of New Jersey, Omar Boraie has stepped up to be one of the financiers of major projects in this city. His interest in the health sector saw him pledge a donation amounting to $1.5 million directed to be part of the Rutgers University’s initiative: the18 Chair Challenge. The contributions played an important role in establishing the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, an initiative at the Rutgers University’s cancer institute to help in supporting major research in the field of precision medicine at the institution. According to, the Rutgers University’s ’18 Chair Challenge’ campaign was carried out in a manner that an anonymous donor was to top up the $1.5 million with similar amount for each of the 18 chairs. This was to see each chair raise a total of $3million at the end of the campaign.

Boraie’s pledge was mostly welcomed because it was directed towards a healthy course of establishing and supporting the field of genomic science and precision medicine. This medical field is still relatively new and young. It basically entails analyzing and treating tumors on a genetic level, and as such a big professional boost to oncologists. The advances in this field allow for classification of cancers into sub-populations such that those with similar characteristics yet different genetics are separately grouped. The discipline mainly identifies cancer not as a single disease but a group of diseases, each with intrigue characteristics. This helps in the specification of treatment procedures and medicines to each and every cancer group and individual patient treatments.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute Director, Mr. Robert S. DiPaola, acknowledged Mr. Boraie’s donation, terming him as an integral part of the development and promotion of the New Brunswick as a blazing ‘Healthcare City.’ In a piece that was published through NewsWise, he praised the move citing it as one that is bound to provide a long-term solution by improving research and treatment of cancer. This new development in the field of cancer has been hailed as a new dawn in the ever nagging cancer menace. Contributions by philanthropists like Boraie is a tremendous mileage to see the discipline grow.

Omar Boraie, who is the founder of the Boraie Development LLC, has seen much development in the Brunswick City of New Jersey, with his firm being the leading real estate development agency in the city. He has made many contributions in the fight against cancer.


Great College Basketball Teams Are Good Bets

College basketball odds are quite simple to bet when players come to, and they will find quite a lot of information about games that happen during the season. This article explains how the gamblers on must look to the best teams in the game. They are often the best bets because they are fine teams, and there are many bets involving these teams that will pan out well over the course of a season.

#1: Why Are The Best Teams Better Bets?

The best teams in college basketball are the best bets because they are playing inferior competition most of the time. All their non-conference opponents are not good enough to compete with them, and half their conferences are not good enough to win consistently. The teams that are good enough to beat the best teams do not cover even if they win, and they often will not keep the games close enough to ruin the spread.

#2: Why Not Kansas?

Kansas is not a good bet for those who are gambling on sports because the team will often play down to the level of its competition. They will not cover games they should cover, and they will have a hard time winning games they should win. They are a fine team to be sure, and they will offer a good game most nights. Gamblers simply cannot trust them with their college basketball odds because they do not measure up to their expectations. The team is to be avoided until they have shown they will play consistently against good teams.

#3: Placing Bets Every Week

Placing bets every week is quite simple on, and there are many games that may be covered by customers when they are looking over the schedule. The schedule allows customers to click on each game, and they will find all the bets that are available for that game. They may choose the best teams in the game knowing they will offer a better chance of winning money, and they will give customers the hope they need to go on winning more money every week.

The gamblers who are on have many opportunities to earn money, and they must have a look at the finest teams in the game to place bets. There are many good options on the site, and they offer quite a lot of information on each new matchup.