Amicus Therapeutics Is Always Searching For New Treatments

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. refers to a biotechnology firm having a global network. It likes to remain ahead in terms of providing advanced therapies. This way it aims at treating various rare as well as orphan diseases that can be devastating. This is not all. They pride themselves on having a robust pipeline that comprises of new treatments being developed for several genetic diseases.


Their lead product is migalastat. It is in its last stage of development. It can treat individuals suffering from Fabry disease. This can be done through the genetic diagnosis. Another product is SD-101. This is also in its later stages of development. This will be a first-of-its-kind of therapy to be marketed for the connective tissue disorder known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It is a rare genetic disorder. Amicus Therapeutics has a biologics along with Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform. They are leveraging this for developing various products for its enzyme replacement therapy. These can be used for Fabry disease, as well as Pompe disease, along with several Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

Amicus Therapeutics offers Patient & Professional Advocacy. This is designed for collaborating with several patient organizations, as well as individual patients, along with their caregivers, as well as healthcare practitioners. This is an effort for ensuring that Amicus Therapeutics is doing all that it possibly can in order to support this community related to rare diseases (GoogleFinance). They wish to provide those initiatives which can bring purpose along with empowerment. This way Amicus Therapeutics will help to ease the difficulties that are being faced by the members of this rare disease community.


The aim of the Advocacy program is that Amicus Therapeutics wants to serve as the bridge that links the patients, the families, along with other resources. This way they are trying to offer unprecedented access to support as well as other services that can ease their disease experience.


All this indicates the dedication of Amicus Therapeutics to patients as well as their families. Hence they are committed to providing healing that goes beyond disease. In order to do so, Amicus Therapeutics listens as well as learns from individuals who are affected by such diseases in order to provide better therapies.

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Karl Heideck

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Samuel Strauch Is On Top

For years, businessman Samuel Strauch has been a facilitator of sales. Strauch real estate career began shortly after he studied at Harvard. Year after year, Strauch has proven his dedication and tenacity to the real estate industry. Samuel Strauch has a long lasting track record that entails his success in acquisitions, being a broker and a manager of real estate. Not only has Samuel Strauch thrived in the real estate economy, he has also advanced the way realtors think of doing real estate.

In each sale, Samuel Strauch showcases his natural business skills and professionalism. Samuel Strauch is an honest and trustworthy person to prospective clients. He understands the market on a macro and micro economic level. This is why he always receives favorable results. Throughout the industry, he is renowned and well-known. Not only is Samuel Strauch synonymous in South Florida, he is also known throughout Latin America. In particular, he is highly popular throughout the Mexico and Panama real estate markets. His expertise has carried him across the borders of the United States. Both in and out, Samuel Strauch is a super talented human being.

Aside from real estate, he knows a thing or two about photography. In his spare time, he enjoys meditation and being a cyclist. His philosophy is simple. Samuel Strauch believes human beings should positively contribute to society in any shape or form. His high level of drive has propelled him into the spotlight, appearing on several national and international broadcasts and publications. Samuel Strauch has done so good for himself, he is one of the top 12% agents in Miami Beach. He sells homes considerably considerably faster than his competitors. In almost every regard, Samuel Strauch leads the pack in real estate. Cumulatively, Samuel Strauch has sold millions of dollars worth of homes.

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