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Where CTO Jed McCaleb Sees Blockchain Headed

Jed McCaleb is an American programmer who was one of the pioneers of blockchain and bitcoin. He founded Mt Gox which was the earliest bitcoin exchange platform. He moved on from that business a number of years ago and now works for an organization he co-founded, Stellar Development Group. His company created the cryptocurrency Stellar […]

Boraie Development Brings New Life to AC

Boraie Development LLC plans to open its new project, The Beach at South Inlet, by the summer of 2018. The property will consist of 250 brand new, residential rental units, and construction is currently underway in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is the company’s first project in Atlantic City. The luxury community is situated just […]

Holding Sheriff Joe Arpaio to account

  Maricopa County is located somewhere within Arizona for an otherwise small county it has been able to attract a lot of headlines lately. The events from Maricopa had attracted even the attention of President Donald Trump. The former sheriff of Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been able to draw in the president on a […]

Bob Reina’s Invention; Talk Fusion

Bob Reina was born in Florida, and he is the CEO of Talk Fusion. He was initially a policeman before 1990s. In the 1990s he started selling products in exchange for commission although he had no experience in sales. He made an extra earning and realized he was able to make life through selling. He […]

Obsidian Energy Ready For The Onset

Obsidian Energy Ltd is a Canadian oil and natural gas company located in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded in 1979 initially bearing the name Penn West Exploration limited or Penn West Energy Trust.   Being a located in one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Obsidian Energy has three production areas namely; Pembina […]

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