World Class Shopping Mall Developed by Roberto Santiago

The mall industry in Brazil has grown rapidly in the last few decades. It is as a result of major investments initiated by some successful businessmen like Roberto Santiago. He is the owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping which is located in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The construction of this mall began in 1987, and was completed after two years. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of a recently launched Mangeira Shopping. These malls offer a variety of leisure, entertainment and fun among other activities all under the same roof. The Manaira Shopping mall is recognized for offering a vast range of shopping options including products like jewelry, sports gear, books, clothing and more.


The food court at the Manaira Shopping has been renovated severally in 2008, 2012 and 2014. It was done in order to offer restaurant services that can fit the budget and appetite of every customer. A variety of meals are available at this venue, ranging from snacks to high-profile dining experience in venues like Espaco Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse and Wynes. One of the most recognized venues at the mall is the Domus Hall. It has a capacity to house more than 8,000 fans, some sitting and others standing. It was designed such that it can host numerous events such as reception, art exhibition, theatrical performances, seminars and others. It was an addition to the mall that was completed in 2009.


The movie halls at the mall are equipped with modern and advanced display and sound machines to provide viewers with memorable experience. The latest movies are enjoyed at this mall. Bar services are offered at this venue to keep movie lovers busy with snacks and drinks while watching their favorite movies. The electronic amusement park is another entertainment venue where people enjoy at the mall. It has an area of about 1800 square meter, where over 200 devices are installed. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has very large parking space that can hold more than 3,000 vehicles.


Profile of Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago was brought up in Joao Pessoa. His entrepreneurial skills emerged early in his life after investing in a carton manufacturing company. He supplied cardboard folding cartons to other companies that relied on them to package their goods. Roberto’s business was successful and through savings which he accumulated, he was able to lay the foundation for the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall. That was the beginning of what is today considered as the largest shopping mall in the city of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago was also involved in writing informative and educative blogs before he ventured into the business world. He had sufficient knowledge about Brazil and it enabled him to write numerous articles about the country.


Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Have A Unicorn Company With A New Name

Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg are always constantly at work to keep their company, JustFab ahead of the competition with their innovative sales and high-tech changes. That’s why they decided to rename it just a few months ago to TechStyle Fashion Group because it combined trendy fashion with high end data analytics. But even more so this company went from relying on seed funding from Matrix Partners, Crosscut Ventures and Passport Capital to having its own cash flow in only 4 years, and its last round of venture capital put its total value over $1 billion, making it a unicorn. For Ressler, becoming a unicorn is just one milestone to point to in a long road of fashion development on While they have now introduced brick and mortar stores for their brand, they still believe in the power of fashion e-commerce to disrupt traditional shopping.

Don Ressler has a background in online marketing that started in the early 1990s. He consulted for various clients that harnessed the power of web design for marketing, but then he started his own sales platform at After several years running this company, Ressler sold it to Intermix Media, a well-known digital media agency in Los Angeles. He was hired as an executive and while there he met another young executive who had designed his own gaming advertising network named Adam Goldenberg. The two took their enthusiasm for e-commerce and marketing and began putting together more platforms under Intermix Media’s roof.

Ressler and Goldenberg’s first success as partners was Alena Media, an Intermix Media subsidiary that sold health and beauty supplies and started the Hydroderm brand. The company was shut down after News Corporation purchased in Intermix Media in 2005. Later that year they started their own network at Intelligent Beauty, and with that a whole new line of cosmetic brands emerged. In 2010 Ressler and Goldenberg decided to try something brand new on They launched a fashion sales company even though it wasn’t in their line of expertise. But since they had the marketing expertise and seed funding, they were able to launch it and bounce ideas that helped it take off on celebrities and fashion experts. JustFab began growing rapidly and to this day it’s generated billions in profits at

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations’ Political Prowess

You can’t talk about American politics without at least mentioning the work of renowned philanthropist and invest George Soros. George Soros has a reputation depending on who you ask. To Democrats he is one of their strongest backers, a billionaire who is willing to put his money and his reputation toward the greater good. Soros has personally given countless millions towards spreading social justice and progressive democracy around the globe, including here at home in the U.S.A. According to the right wing, however, George Soros is a shadow puppet who is constantly trying to subvert their conservative values. No matter how you view him, George Soros is returning to the political arena in the wake of 2016’s contentious election.

We are now living in a political America that has completely divided itself. On one side you have President Trump and his right wing. On the other side you have Democrats who are staunchly opposing Trump’s subversion of America’s global standing, fight for equality, and push toward climate change. George Soros personally jumped into the political fray during the election, donating $25+ million toward Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well as other down ballot tickets on the Democratic platform. Soros had previously been relatively quiet in mainstream American politics following his work in the 2004 election. Soros had vowed to step aside and tone down how he contributed. However, it appears that President Trump serves as a personal affront to Soros and everything that the progressive could value. So he is back. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

You need only look at George Soros and his Open Society Foundations in order to get a grip on what his goal is in the world. Soros wants to find ways to bring social justice, democracy, and true equality to as many countries as possible. That is why the Open Society Foundations has been such an important philanthropic endeavor. This foundation took particular hold during the Ferguson protests only a couple of years ago. When Officer Wilson shot and killed one Michael Brown, Soros’ grassroots funding came to life. Protests erupted around the nation and we were forced to take a closer look at the way police officers treat minorities in certain cities. The results were astounding, horrific, and important to verify.

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You can talk to Kenneth Zimmerman, the director at Open Society Foundation, in order to find out just what George Soros has in mind for his legacy. Zimmerman says, “Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society.” Zimmerman’s eloquent explanation of the goals for Mr. Soros and the Open Society Foundations are enlightening and something that everybody should be able to get behind for the better of society. Know more on about George Soros.