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Jed McCaleb – Changing the financial industry

Jed McCaleb is one of the early innovators of digital currencies. Even before the first digital currency was established, he had thought about the possibility of such a currency. When the first cryptocurrency was launched, it was a sensation. Bitcoin was a new concept that had not been thought about by many people. McCaleb took […]

Victoria Doramus the Freelancer

Victoria Doramus is an experience market trend analyst. Victoria Doramus has a natural comprehension of global market and fashionable retail trends, also understanding fashion designing and other lifestyle products. Victoria Doramus has made a masterful impact in different creative specters of design. She has taken a step forward and demonstrated she has experience in writing, […]

Talk Fusion and Video Communications

Talk Fusion is a comprehensive tool which came into the market scene in 2007. The primary goal of the Talk Fusion is to help companies to achieve a competitive advantage as well as increasing their profits and sales. In addition to this, the talk fusion enables businesses to make their market effort more efficient and […]

Hussain Sajwani And His Success

Hussain Sajwani is a successful man that has been able to accomplish throughout his life. He has been able to climb up the ladder of success and has been able to open many opportunities for those that are around him. He has been able to work extremely hard over the years and has been able […]

Guilherme Paulus Triumphs at the Top of Tourism

     At the young age of 24 Guilherme Paulus co-founded Latin America’s largest tour operating company, CVC Brasil Operadora . Today, Guilherme sits on the advisory board for the Brazilian tourism department and is on the Forbes billionaires list. Guilherme Paulus started his immaculate career as an intern for IBM and then decided to go […]

Jed McCaleb – Money Exchange

Stellar LUMENS aims to anchor all people of the world to one another literally and hassle free. No, we’re not talking marriage so much as monetary access. Established in 2014 as Stellar Development Fund (SDF) by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim, it provides a network of platforms that equalizes the financial playing field for everyone […]

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