Sunday Riley Face Cleanser Review

Sunday Riley ceramic slip clay face cleanser is a skincare product that helps to bring wellness to the face. The cleanser is made up of three different types of clay. The facial cleanser also contains extracts within it that soothe and purifies the skin. The product is different today than it was in yesteryear. The product has recently gone through a revamping to create a whole new look and formulation for skin care.

The old Sunday Riley ceramic slip clay face cleanser had a different formulation that wasn’t as gentle for the face as the new product. The consistency was thicker and had a gel and cream texture. The new product formula has a gel-like consistency and not as much aroma as the old Sunday Riley ceramic slip clay face cleanser.

The new bottle for the Sunday Riley ceramic slip clay face cleanser is far more basic and less expensive to make. The bottle had done away with the old push dispense top and they have gone with a more streamlined cap lid that allows the consumer to squeeze out how much product they want to use. The product has also switched from tan color to a vibrant looking shade of blue.

The product is generally viewed in a positive light by most people who have used the old product or are new to the product. The bottle is convenient for traveling with since it has a cap lid. The product itself is viewed as being less abrasive than the older version of the product by most reviewers who have used the old formula in the past. The product is available from the Sunday Riley official web store and from a select number of beauty product outlets that distribute the Sunday Riley skin care products. Some examples are the beauty retailers Dermstore and Sephora. Connect with Sunday Riley on Twitter.


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