Staying Ahead of the Industry with Krishen Iyer

In the 21st century economic climate, having a successful business and strong marketing campaigns go hand in hand. Krishen Iyer is a marketing expert who has spent the last decade building up his resume with clients and degrees. His academic backgrounds includes a degree from San Diego State University in 2004. While around that time he founded IHS Insurance. By 2016, he moved to a new venture with Managed Benefits Services. In a recent online interview, Krishen Iyer describes his origins and current business approach with clients.


Krishen Iyer realized that the industry needed a company that could pair businesses with the marketing strategies they need to advance their consumer base. Managed Benefits Services has a strong track record of successful campaigns. Krishen Iyer finds the power of communication to be essential when cultivating ideas. Having a wide array of ideas to consider can lead to unique solutions for the client. His personal passion for being curious has been his most helpful trait when looking at the industry.


During a typical day, Krishen Iyer covers a variety of tasks. He always plans each part of the day to ensure he uses his time the most efficiently. The day will often begin with client interfacing, before moving into technical development, and market research. He is encouraged by the trends of more data becoming available. Knowing what resonates with audiences, and on which platform, only for him to create cost-effective marketing plans.


Krishen Iyer is an individual who has filled a void in the market for his region. Businesses need a third party company to help prepare and implement marketing campaigns. The success rate of Managed Benefits Services is very strong, as Krishen Iyer is always looking for new ways to innovate his ideas. Staying one step ahead is vital.

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