LetsTake a Glance at Deirdre Baggot Successful Career

After attaining her Nursing degree from the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Deirdre Baggot joined the Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a staff nurse in 1997. She was also the administration manager and the resource controller at the hospital. Later on, she advanced in her education, acquiring an MBA at The Loyola University School of Business; and later a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Denver. She has worked in several places, impacting change and growth of systems in her wake. These include The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, SCL Cardiac and Vascular Institute, and the GE Healthcare Partners. Currently, she is the Practice Leader for Bundled Payments and Senior Vice President at The Camden Group. She resides in Denver, Colorado. She is a recognized Gregory LaVert Scholar. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deidre Baggot has developed programs and strategies for 200 hospitals around the United States of America which has impressively reduced the cost of treatment for patients thus improving their experience. According to Deirdre, the medical career has challenges especially related to obsession in testing and retesting of patients and treating. As a new nurse in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Deirdre found herself repeating laboratory tests for her patient even after achieving the same results over and over. This led to the use of a checklist to ensure improved quality of care and reduce over-testing while following the care protocols.

During the last fifteen years, she has attended many meetings and conferences including American Heart Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Innovation Summit, Bundled Payment Summit, Pay-for-Performance Summit, Medtronic, Bundled Payment Congress and the American College of Healthcare Executives. In America, medical errors cause the most deaths after cancer and heart disease. Patients who would have otherwise lived die of hospital-acquired infections. Deirdre confesses that there is a need to empower and engage healthcare consumers who are accountable for their health to create a safer healthcare environment in America. She is passionate about healthcare and spends most of her time in healthcare facilities which makes her more productive as an entrepreneur. Deirdre Baggot converts her ideas to reality through research, writing about the ideas and discussing them with elites for further guidance.

Learn more: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/06/10/11/12/business-consult


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