Felipe Montoro Jens’ Opinion On Brazil’s Declining Infrastructure

In order for countries to thrive, every facet of every society must be operating at peak efficiency. Unfortunately, Brazil is experiencing the antithesis of a flourishing economy. According to economists like Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil’s waning infrastructure is in large part why their economy is rapidly deteriorating. Infrastructure is an integral cog in the economic machine, making it crucial for countries to ensure that this aspect of operations is well-oiled. A study performed by the National Confederation of Industry revealed that Brazil ceased 517 infrastructure jobs in 2017 alone. No doubt an alarming figure, Brazil needs to reshape their infrastructure landscape in the hopes of avoiding future catastrophes. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Of the 517 projects that were halted, Jens states that 447 of those were basic sanitation works. What Jens finds most unsettling is that Brazil even terminated simple and inexpensive jobs including sports facilities and daycare centers. Jens ascribes Brazil’s negligence to four primary setbacks: technical problems, abrupt abandonment, land ownership fiascos, and financial difficulties. If Brazil continues to leave jobs in the lurch, Jens forecasts a bleak future for the country. Above all else, Jens urges Brazil to show initiative and institute prompt change. Here are some solutions experts have proposed.

From their inept workers to their lousy microplanning models, Brazil is in dire need of a revamp in operations. With that said, economists recommend offering training in the hopes of preparing workers to execute projects. Strengthening internal control, evaluating execution modality, and designing more balanced contracts are a few other solutions. If Brazil is unwilling to incorporate these changes, the National Confederation of Industry fears that their economy will collapse. Though Brazil hasn’t inspired much confidence, Jens maintains that these desperate times will galvanize them into action. With time, Jens hopes to see a drastic shift in Brazil’s infrastructure sector.

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