Aloha Construction win the BBB Marketplace Ethics Award

The Better Business Bureau is one of the respected organization in the United States when it comes to business reviews. People who are looking for companies to work to hire or to work with normally visit the site to look for the reviews that a site has received. The organization normally gives a rating of A++ to the companies which are run effectively. There is a criterion that the company uses to rank the best businesses. Factors such as leadership, customer satisfaction services offered and other determine the rating that a company will receive.




Apart from this rating. There is another award that is normally awarded to the best businesses according to the ratings every year. The award goes to different business from different parts of the United States. In 2017, the BBB in Northern Illinois and Chicago awarded the annual Torch Award to a family-owned business known as Aloha Construction. The award was given to this organization in recognition of the good services they have been offering to their members. The award that went to Aloha was known as Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The company was recognized for maintaining the best ethics in its workplace operations.




Aloha Construction is led by CEO David Farbaky, who led the company in accepting the award. He described such an achievement as an honor and shows that the company is gaining prominence in the country due to its first-class customer services. According to the CEO, the company has in the past one decade that it has been in business focused on putting the best effort in customers, employees and the community.




This is an award that has come through commitment and hard work to meet the factors that matter in business. The management has made sure that the company is the best company for home maintenance services in the whole region.


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