The Rise of William Saito


Take plays a critical role in our day to day lives. The importance of the once assumed field now runs every aspect of life. It is the irony of a once shielded field from the people has soon become what the people are running from to have their normal lives as before the tech world. The globe had never witnessed such a high rate of adoption of technology as of today and possibly, never again will the universe experience slower growth in technology than today.


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As the internet grows bigger and bolder, as a people we need to think about our online identity especially with the matters, cybersecurity. Therefore, cybersecurity is a broad term meaning the protection of one’s data, to the multi-billion monetary transactions. Understanding cybersecurity and its consequences mean not only protecting data but also making the data available on time.


William Saito is one of the people behind the security of our data online. He understands the key contributors and how it could be safeguarded. Therefore, William Saito has made an enormous impact in allowing writing the articles about how individuals and companies should ensure a total shield in their online presence.

Starting his programming from a tender age, he managed to grow his company when he was in high school. The uncompetitiveness in the sector saw him rise to become one of the world’s respected cybersecurity expert. His endless efforts in taming the menace have been recognized by NASDAQ and Ernst & Young making him one of Japan’s most influential people. He plays the role of an adviser to the Prime minister of Japan as well as a Foundation board member of the World Economic Forum.


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According to the interview, at the age of 10 years, William Saito landed himself a lucrative job as a programmer. In collaboration with Sony, the company that he started back in high school ended up making the fingerprint recognition.


William Saito claims that he grew up in the neighborhood of the Silicon Valley in the time when the tech industry was defining its path. He further claims that despite being born in the United States, he was poor in English, but that did not bother him at all. He an engineering mind where he tore things apart.


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