Adam Milstein And The Challenges Facing Jewish Identity

For thousands of years, Jews have been wandering through the world, being disliked by many groups of people who they have crossed paths with. There are many arguments for whether non-Jews have been right or wrong for hating Jews. Everyone might have their reasons for liking or disliking the Jews. However, everyone can agree that after thousands of years of suffering as religious/ethnic minorities in different lands, they should just have their own country. This is why Jewish activists like Adam Milstein believe that insulting Israel is like insulting Jews for being Jewish. Israel was created out of the need to recreate a Jewish homeland, and the desire to create a Jewish homeland based on specifications from holy books.

The creation of Israel has led to the displacement of Palestinians who lived, or still live on, lands that Israel claimed. This has led to the existence of resistance in the form of terrorism. Adam Milstein brings attention to the fact that young children are trained to be resentful and to commit terrorist attacks against Israel.

Adam Milstein is also a champion of Jewish identity. He understands the current web of circumstances that challenge Jewish identity. One circumstance is the fact that Israel is an extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, place to live for those who are not wealthy. The most valuable people—secular, highly-educated Israelis—are leaving the nation for places with better economic situations. It’s very expensive to live in Israel, and the situation is so bad that people who are struggling to pay rent in big cities can easily buy homes in the United States. So, a lot of Israelis are pouring into America. The problem with this is that when immigrants come to America, it is very common for their ethnic and religious identities to disintegrate. Sometimes, it happens when people first come to America, and other times it happens over the course of generations. That is the nature of life in the United States. So, this is why Adam Milstein is very concerned about issues in Israel that relate to joblessness.

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