Whitney Wolfe and Her Freedom of Expression

Whitney Wolfe may be young, but she has the business mind of a veteran. The recently married Whitney Wolfe is enjoying life to the fullest as an entrepreneur that is on top with her Bumble dating app. She has expanded the app and allowed more people to take a look at her life outside of the Bumble headquarters with her recent wedding.

When someone like Whitney Wolfe is posting about her wedding online it shows that she is human. As someone that is under the age of 30 she is more relatable to the people that are utilizing her app. This is what makes Bumble popular. It is an app that connects people with a whole new generation of millennials that approach dating differently.

The female is in charge. The woman has the chance to make the first move. These are things that Whitney Wolfe gave thought to. It had never been addressed before in the dating app world, but this high level of independence is what women have become accustomed to. View Whitney Wolfe at tim.blog

There are two sides of the coin when one looks at Wolfe and her marriage. Yes it is true that she is married to a successful oil businessman, but she is successful in her own right. This is where her feminism comes into play. She is not dependent upon her husband to help her initiate the moves that she wants to make.

Whitney has gained a level of confidence where she is able to stand on her own. She is happily married, but she is also happily engaged in running her own business. Not even a big dollar payout from a company like Match could persuade her to relinquish her role as to CEO of bumble.

This speaks volumes because there are many entrepreneurs that are just looking for a payout. They want someone to find value in the companies that they have created so that they can sell their companies. For Whitney Wolfe it may have felt more like selling her freedom of expression. Whitney did not want to give up her right to be a voice in the social media industry.

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