Freedom checks or how to directly finance the energy sector and make a profit

Freedom checks are an ingenious way of making a contribution to the energy sector and getting a profit at the same time!

What is freedom check?

They are not dividends, but they are close to the concept. They are referred to as “distributions“. They are possible due to a federal law which aims to encourage American businesses in the energy field; President Nixon believed that American independence can be strengthened through flourishing business in the energy sector. Simply put: according to this law, the businesses are exempt from taxation provided that they send quarterly or monthly checks to the investors. Special exemption from taxation is possible if for every earned dollar the business distributed 90 cents to the direct investors. Read more about Freedom Checks on Crunchbase.

Is this profitable for the individual?

Mostly yes. Although the typical market risk must be assumed, generally, freedom check are a good way of earning extra income through direct investment and so one will have a sense of contribution to the national economy in a field that is so important for the national well-being. The companies which come under this category operate in the natural oil and gas industries. There are investors who receive up to $16,000 quarterly freedom checks. The payoff depends on the choice of the company and the sum that is invested, but, in general, there will definitely be gains over time from the investment. One can start with modest $50-$100 shares and make a profit with patience and long term dedication in the company’s capacity to thrive.

Is the freedom checks system eventually beneficial for the businesses?

These businesses are “master limited partnerships”. This type of direct investment from the citizens is ultimately highly beneficial for the businesses, because it is cash, ready-to-use investment. Although the individual contribution of each citizen might not be paramount, the total sum of cash individual contributions can mean a lot for the capital of the firm. Last but not least, this system of freedom checks distribution allows more transparency and, in some cases, higher profits for the firm, since they are not submitted to taxation anymore.

It’s not the way to get filthy rich, but freedom checks certainly are an ethical, profitable decision. Visit:



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