Managed Benefit Services’ Founder & CEO Krishen Iyer

Managed Benefit Services, formerly titled Quick Link Marketing, is currently run by founder and CEO Krishen Iyer. The Fresno, California based company became profitable ahead of scheduled projections and has maintained a successful run in the business of connecting lead-generation companies and companies desiring marketing solutions.


A naturally inquisitive individual, Iyer thrived in his academic efforts earning a bachelor’s of science degree from San Diego State University in the area of public administration and urban development. He continues to hone his professional skills such as communication, technical development, and the consistent maintenance of a collaborative team-centric work environment.


Krishen Iyer attributes a good portion of his success to organizing his activities in a way that fosters optimal levels of productivity. He focuses the first part of his day on client interfacing the vast majority of the time which then keeps the goals of the client foremost in his mind as he accomplishes the remainder of the day. He also remains open to the ideas of others and continuous analysis of a wide variety of perspectives.


One trend in the business world that piques Iyer’s enthusiasm is the distinct progression of market analytics. He realizes that the use of market analytics creates the ability to refine and better target the company’s business approach in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.


The demands of a full professional career have not impeded Krishen Iyer from being an active philanthropist. Admirable efforts have been made by this entrepreneur on both a local and a global scale through the beautification of local parks to active support participation in global humanitarian crises. General examples includes Iyer contributing to Haiti relief and restoration efforts, in addition to sponsoring a child overseas.


Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


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