Alex Hern: Innovation Comes with Focus

Before co-founding and becoming the director of Tsunami, a communications solutions company had co-founded several companies within the tech world. One of the most well-known of these companies provided the technology behind multiple popular search engines. With his 2 and a help decades as an entrepreneur, he has been able to run many businesses and also knows how to deal with failure.

While all entrepreneurs hope for the best outcomes for their endeavors, Alex Hern knows that this sometimes isn’t what happens. In order to be able to come back from failure, Alex Hern suggests planning for it in case the possibility happens. Taking time to focus and planning for every possibility is one of the ways that Alex Hern has been able to maintain his career.

Tsunami uses the graphics capabilities of computers and even handheld devices like phones and tablets to enable state of the art types of communication. The platform allows for scientists, engineers, and more collaborate in innovative ways that were never before possible. Alex Hern is still always looking for new innovations that can be made within the industry.

Alex Hern reminds himself that it’s important to take time with each task and decision at hand. Trying to rush through things in business can lead to mistakes that could have been avoided. Multi-tasking should be avoided whenever possible to ensure that you are dedicated to the task at hand. For Alex Hern, he finds himself to be less productive when he tries to juggle multiple things.

Many times, Alex Hern will spend around 5 hours just working on one thing for his company. He starts his day early and spends his nights coming up with ideas. Without the many distractions that happen during the day, the quiet that nighttime offers is one of Alex Hern’s best times to think about innovations.

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