OSI Industries Expands It’s Spain Location

OSI Industries is a great food processing business. They specifically specialize in processing chicken and other foods. This company has been in operation since 1909. Here is some information about this wonderful company. Recently OSI Industries expanded it’s business by adding an addition to it’s warehouse in Spain. This location is in the city of Toledo. This facility has a high tech production line that allows it to produce much more chicken then it ever could in it’s other facilities. Before adding this high tech production line they were only able to produce twelve tons of chicken per year. Now this production line can produce over twenty four thousand tons of chicken.

Not only did they speed up the production of the line but they added other things to make their process more efficient. They added better security. They also added more storage then ever before. OSI Industries decided to renovate its location in Spain because of the high demand of chicken products. This demand is especially true in Portugal and not only Spain. This project took the company seventeen million euro. Many of the things added to this plant increased it’s sustainability. OSI Industries cares a lot about the environment so they wanted an energy efficient plant. They installed equipment in this facility that lowered the amount of energy used by twenty percent. They also added a way to refrigerate products that uses less energy.

This company’s main location is in Aurora, Illinois. They have a lot of different plants around the world as well as in the United States. They are in seventeen different countries. They have over sixty five locations. They manufacture many different items and not only chicken. They make sausage, chicken. dough, meats, and bacon. They also make patties of meat.OSI Industries is a great business that specializes in many different meat products. By putting money into their Spain location they have become more environmentally friendly. This has allowed them to use less energy and produce more products. This is a great company that isn’t all about profit. They want to help as well.

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