What Other Services do Equities First Holdings Australia Offer

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a global lending company. It has several offices in Australia and thanks to their customers, EFH has three major operations located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, Australia. The company name in Australia is called Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty. Ltd (EFH AU). EFH AU was a good acquisition for EFH. It was 2014 when EFH thought it was a great idea to expand further throughout the world. It was the right choice. There are more people than ever who wants to be on EFH AU’s client’s list. Potential customers will get great customers service, but what truly makes EFH attractive is the alternative lending done by them.

With over a billion dollars in transactions, the alternative lending product is a good product to have. It is called a stock-based loan. Customers throughout Australia are finding it easier to get approved for loans when using EFH AU. Stocks as collateral is not a method you would see any bank use; therefore, banks cannot really compete with EFH. Most customers try EFH after being rejected by a bank.

EFH AU also provides financial advice to individuals as well as businesses. EFH will do its’ best to help customers reach their financial goals. Their main product is the stock-based loan, but it is not their only service to the people of Australia and the world.

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