The Wikipedia Data About Equities First Holdings People Have Not Read Yet

Equities First Holdings is the company founded by Al Christy Jr in 2002 after getting all the necessary expertise, background knowledge and skills from previously working with Diversified Financial Group, Inc. He worked there for four years, and right after that, he realized that it was time for him to lead a company that helps clients with their financial struggles or situations. This is the time when he then built Equities First Holdings in Indianapolis, IN.

It was in 2004 that he really pushed himself harder and brought Equities First Holdings to where it should be as a leading finance firm. Right now, it is the pride of Al Christy to have been able to assist more than 700 transactions from clients that have to do with event trade stocks and the like. With his leadership, Equities First Holdings now serves to be a leading financial consultancy firm with branches in United States, China, Australia and Thailand, and many more.


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