Month: August 2018

James Larkin Biography

James Larkin (January 21, 1876 – January 30, 1947) was an Irish activist, considered one of the founders of the modern labor movement in the country. Growing up in the poorer areas of Liverpool, England, “Big Jim” Larkin had little education and took a variety of jobs to help support his struggling family. In 1903 […]

Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Right Candidate for the CEO Position of Bradesco Bank

     Every firm’s dream is to dominate their industry. This means more sales and more long-term relationships with clients. The Bradesco bank was enjoying this kind of success until Itau Unibanco turned the tables. It was during this period that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco bank. This was […]