Eucatex Executive President, FlavioMaluf

FlavioMaluf is a Brazilian who has been born and brought up in a very wealthy and famous background. Fame and wealth are things that should not limit us from succeeding in life and Flavio are one of those guys who has focused on ensuring that he becomes successful in his career. He has a very good education background. He possesses a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Foundation of Armando AlvaresPenteado. He acquired great engineering skills that would help in steering his business further. He has been on the frontline pursuing excellence in his career and have dedicated his efforts towards making things happen in his career. He also possesses a degree from an overseas University. He went to the University of New York where he studied a bachelors in business administration. Rea more about Maluf on Crunchbase.

FlavioMaluf has always made every dedication and commitment of his career to success. He has dedicated his time and skills towards career growth and has been on the frontline pursuing excellence. He has a very strong educational background and possesses great education skills aimed at making his journey a success. He has been on the frontline helping many people realize their potential, and he has never given up on matters to do with curricular advancement.

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He joined the company in 1987 and has been able to work towards making sure that he achieves in his career. He has been known for his innovation, hard work and also desires to change and make things work. Before clinching to the top managerial position, he happened to have been to various departments during the early stages. He has been to the trade department, later to the mechanical and now the executive president driving development agenda. As a son of a famous politician, he has decided to work in the business industry in a mission of achieving the company’s set target. Visit :


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