Jed McCaleb – Changing the financial industry

Jed McCaleb is one of the early innovators of digital currencies. Even before the first digital currency was established, he had thought about the possibility of such a currency. When the first cryptocurrency was launched, it was a sensation. Bitcoin was a new concept that had not been thought about by many people. McCaleb took the imitative of learning about it very fast and ensured that as it rolled out, he was right there to take the advantages that came with it. He was among the first people to make innovations which have led to the growth of the industry. In 2011, he had created a unique bitcoin exchange platform which was responsible for the highest number of Bitcoin transactions. It was unique in that it did not require two people, two people, to be present in order to transact. The platform was known as Mt. Gox. He later sold the platform to another person.

As noted by Finance Magnates, Jed McCaleb is committed to changing the industry by focusing on the main goals of the industry right from the beginning. Unlike what we see today, the founders of the cryptocurrencies had a better plan about the industry. Right now it has been infested by people who do not care about the underlying technology. This should be the main concern of those who care about the industry, but instead, we only see people who are only interested in making quick riches from the industry. There is an increase in the number of ICOs most of which are not even genuine. They are about making money than developing the technology.

This is the thing that industry innovators like Jed McCaleb are trying to change. Jed McCaleb has created Stellar, an organization that is working on changing the financial system in the world. The aim is to bring a system that will facilitate cross-border payments for digital currencies. McCaleb hopes that in the next one decade, there can be a blockchain run system that will make all transaction to be run through this technology. The system has more advantages to offer than others systems. The company is doing everything possible to change the industry under the leadership of Jed McCaleb who has much experience in the industry. Check out this article from to know more about Jed and eToro’s meetup.

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