InnovaCare Health Providing Quality Healthcare to Puerto Ricans

Each country in the world should promise and offer the best healthcare to its citizens. Puerto Rico has come a long way in finding lasting solutions to its healthcare crisis. Half of the population in the nation by 2016 were covered by Medicaid with 11% covered by Medicare. However, the Medicaid funding in the country differs from the healthcare funding received by states. More so, the proposed American Healthcare Act failed to include Puerto Rico and failed to address the Medicare funding distributed by the Obamacare.



InnovaCare Health, a leading provider of Medicare and Medicaid has taken this opportunity to help address healthcare crisis in the nation. The company supports an experienced team of officials working to make sure there is proper distribution of medical supplies and services. It also offers humanitarian relief for needy people across Puerto Rico. The company also hopes to provide future aids trips to help find solutions to the healthcare problem in the nation.



Richard Shinto who is the Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare Health has always emphasized that the company is committed to providing quality healthcare to all its members and the nation in general. Most of its initiatives include detecting illnesses, managing chronic conditions and providing the best customer care services that guarantee 100% member satisfaction.



The management at InnovaCare Health also makes it clear that the nation needs positive news to achieve its healthcare goals. Members eligible for Medicare can select InnovaCare’s MMM plan and enjoy the best healthcare services in the Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer has not only met President Donald Trump to discuss healthcare crisis in Puerto Rico but she has also clarified on how the company’s collaboration with Pharmacy Benefit Managers has helped improve healthcare services in the nation.



Penelope goes on to share how the company has over the years been changing the lives of the needy and there is a lot of work that lies ahead for the company to achieve all its goals. The company has been touring offering humanitarian aid and medical services to different patient regardless of their insurance policy. Through the “We walk together” campaign, InnovaCare Inc. has continued to rebuild the Puerto Rico healthcare sector. Richard Shinto leaderships has been remarkable together with his team and he has been honored with Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Award presented by Modern Healthcare.



About InnovaCare Inc


InnnovaCare Inc. is a privately held healthcare service provider with more than 400,000 members. It is located in Fort Lee, N.J. And the company is committed to offering its members quality healthcare whilst creating sustainable models of managed care that is also cost-effective.



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