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Stellar LUMENS aims to anchor all people of the world to one another literally and hassle free. No, we’re not talking marriage so much as monetary access. Established in 2014 as Stellar Development Fund (SDF) by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim, it provides a network of platforms that equalizes the financial playing field for everyone worldwide. No longer are banks, with their brick & mortar interactions, limited to only serve: 1/ those with the time and transportation to get to them, 2/ those with the substantial base amount for their initial deposit funds to get a relationship started there and 3/ a credit paper proven history to start a relationship with them.

Through the innovation of cryptocurrrency jedi, Jed McCaleb, women in third world countries can start a business transaction and develop improved conditions for their communities. Through the thoughtfulness of digital dynamo, Jed McCaleb, the disenfranchised are able to migrate from areas of dire straits and consummate desolation and transfer monies from their host country to back home where their people are usually only holding on by a very bare and soon to snap thread.

Stellar represents a mind set of inclusiveness and freedom toward abundance that’s reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. There’s enough for everyone. Let’s make it happen!

You can access this awesome versatility by visiting their website. You can become one of those who helps bridge the financial gap between the haves and the have nots. Though it’s not so much about making those socioeconomic ends meet inasmuch as it is a focus on simply allowing all peoples the option to participate in the modern finance arena. You can also purchase LUMENS cryptocurrency and become a transfer portal for those needing reasonable to free means of transacting financials.

Once you have the LUMENS registry, you may purchase, transfer, save, etc. as you would with other forms of monetary instruments but through the new platforms of many who have come on board with this timely concept and service. Feel free to visit their websites as well to determine if their regions are relevant to your or your family’s needs. Some of them are Deloitte, Stripe, Splash, Lobstr, Icici Bank, Praekelt, Hijro, Cellulant, bext360 and many more. Your money is safe with Stellar because of its Consensus Protocol or blockchain technology.

Jed McCaleb was the first businessperson to establish a platform for exchanging and trading bitcoin, Mt. Gox, back in 2010. Prior to that, he also developed the equally groundbreaking mechanism, eDonkey2000, by which colleagues could share up to date data files during collaborations. This new development is similar to these others because of its widespread usefulness. Accordingly, its popularity has taken off with jedi speed and acumen. Jed McCaleb serves as Chief Technology Officer of his business with a global, executive team of like minded and successful colleagues. Connect with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Here’s McCaleb’s prediction about the blockchain and its effect on banking:

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