Getting to Know DAMAC Properties Owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a many of many talents who has worked in industries as disparate as catering, construction, and real estate development. It is for his work in the latter profession for which the Saudi Arabian is best known, speficially his creation and operation of DAMAC Properties, one of the single largest and most prosperous real estate agencies in the entire Middle East. Recently, Mr. Sajwani sat down with a reporter from the ideas forum, Ideamensch to discuss his personal legacy as well as his company DAMAC, with the first order of business being the question: where did his idea for the company initially come from. Mr. Sajwani replied that he had always been something of a risk taker and also very heavily involved in business, even at young age, and thus found his entrepreneurial spirit rather organically in his youth. With this background, he started his own catering business and then branched out and began developing hotels and, finding great success, the idea for DAMAC finally blossomed.

Next the conversation turned towards a common question often put towards incredibly successful business men, chiefly, what their average day is like. Mr. Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, replied that his day mostly consisted of meetings (big business is not always quite as glamorous and exciting as it might appear to outsiders) with members of his staff so as to keep up to date as effectively as possible with all of the goings-on of his company. Another large portion of his day, he replied, was spent expanding his network of contacts via building bridges with other contractors and businesses so as to open up greater possibilities in the future. Finally, he remarked that he also tries his hardest to spend as much of whatever remains of his day with his family to as to keep “a balanced life.” Doubtless, sound advice for all.

The last question pertained to what current trend most excites the businessman. Sajwani stated that it was the world of digital marketing and social media, there is, clear and breathtaking possibilities, scarcely utilized to maximum potential to there be found. He further went on to say that he greatly enjoyed the idea of a dynamic and continuously modulating communications matrix wherein ever close ties are being forged between businesses and customers such that each can better meet the needs and requirements of both.

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