Madison Street Capital’s Report on Hedge Fund Industry

Madison Street Capital is a leading firm in the field of investment banking among other financial services. The firm unleashed the fourth edition of an overview of its hedge fund in mergers & acquisitions. The details covered the mergers & acquisitions opportunities and transaction activities. Madison Street Capital revealed the 42 hedge fund deals that were announced in 2015 globally. The information showed that the transaction volume in 2015 increased by 27 percent than the previous year in 2014 as measured by the AUM. This was as a result of the wave in the transactions among other key factors. This created a deal of momentum that would soon position 2016 as the record year regarding transactions in hedge fund mergers & acquisitions.


Details of the Report


The summary of the report details read that the hedge fund industry assets were increasing irrespective of the performance in various hedge fund strategies in the year 2015. As much as the performance for hedge funds was slow, many institutional investors were busy making the allocations towards alternative assets management industry with the hope that they would achieve higher returns that would match the increasing liabilities in the industry. It was evident that low hedge fund managers were fighting hard to draw new capital and as a result ended up operating below the optimal portfolio capacities. Managers, therefore, are facing high costs whereas facing pressure on fees matters. What happens, in the long run, is that all the managers irrespective of the level are considering strategic alternatives to survive. According to the Madison Street Capital’s senior managing director Karl, the surrounding of hedge fund market was solid in 2015, and it would have been stronger in 2016. Diverse mechanisms are being put in place to create room for all sellers and buyers. There is hope that the segregation in the hedge fund industry will soon gain momentum by consolidating the possible opportunistic partnerships that will get rid of the gap in distribution and product offering.


Overview of Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital reputation is that of a stable investment-banking firm that is internationally taking great milestones in the industry. It avails integrated, and quality approaches towards financial and strategic advisory. They provide their solutions to the customers in all regions of the world. The company is comprised of experts in an advisory on issues relating to hedge funds. They also have assets managers for advisory on capital introduction, mergers & acquisitions, financial restricting, portfolio valuations, and financial sponsor coverage. The team at Madison Street Capital is qualified, tested, and trained to offer exceptional experience, knowledge, and functional relationships with clients. They understand what they want for the firm and strive for it with all diligence. The headquarters is at Chicago in Illinois. The company can boast about its experience over the years in their services.


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