Heather Russell: The New Face to Bring Influence at TransUnion

Heather Russell is joining TransUnion as the chief legal officer and executive vice president. Her service will become effective from June 4. Heather Russell has expertise in regulatory and financial services around the globe. She has worked for over 20 years, and through that, she has earned expansive experience in various matters around global financial services such as data privacy and security, consumer financial services, mergers & acquisitions, and regulatory compliance. She will be responsible for corporate governance & compliance, legal, government relations, and consumer privacy roles within the TransUnion firm and its subsidiaries. She will be reporting to the chief executive officer and president, Jima Peck. Heather is expected to serve on the Executive Committee.

Mr. Peck, the chief executive officer and president of TransUnion commented that Heather had brought broad and extensive skills and expertise in the company. Peck is assured that Heather will become a great pillar and tool in the firm primarily in the leadership team as they move on to implement more growth in the company and provide reliable, innovative information solutions for the sake of the consumer benefits and global economic growth. Heather Russell gave her remarks that TransUnion is among the leading companies in offering information solutions as well as availing vital services for businesses in making a sober decision and allowing the consumers to gain much access to the services and the products in the market.

Heather Russell was serving at Buckley Sandler, LLP; a law firm before joining TransUnion. She was an influential leader in the financial institution regulation, fintech practices, and supervision of the firm. Earlier on, Heather worked at Fifth Third Bank as its chief legal officer, president, and corporate secretary. This shows that she has incredible leadership experience in large companies. Excellence is an understatement. She holds a Juris Doctorate with honor from Washington College of Law of American University and BA from William & Mary College.

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