How Clay Siegall Made Seattle Genetics a Success

Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics knows that there are numerous biotech firms in the country, claiming to hold the key to pharmaceuticals. Seattle Genetics is now one of the top biotech firms in the country, located in Seattle, Washington. The hope for Seigall could very well be that this biotech firm causes growth in this local area, but at the moment it’s unclear.

Located inside the Bothell’s Cascade Business Park nestles the headquarters of Seattle Genetics. At first glance, the property doesn’t appear to be anything special. Once you step inside building three, you’ll be welcomed by a large green triangle, a symbol that seems to be reminiscent of science and all things tech. The theme behind the sculpture is a human antibody, something we know as the secret code inside the human body that helps to ward off disease and infection.

These antibodies are what Seattle Genetics has been adding to drugs since the year 1998. These drugs are what some refer to at the firm as the “cancer killer”. This is the big project currently being worked on inside the firm, and it’s one of the deadliest diseases in the world. The firm valued at around $10 billion boasts nearly 1,000 employees. Seattle Genetics now ranks as the largest biotech firm in the state of Washington, a title that they are also proud to boast in the marketplace for pharmaceuticals.

One of the major drugs in the company’s lineup, Adcetris, treats Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. The goal for Mr. Siegall is to go from pharm to market, or in other words to launch out of the biotech industry and head into the pharmaceutical industry in just a matter of days. His greater vision for the firm was not to become stagnant, but to remain in a place of strength.

Because they are the largest biotech firm in the state, their growth puts them in a position to hire an additional 200 employees this year. Mr. Siegall is proud of the fact that they are a oncology company, and that they are making a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical industry today.

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