Alex Pall Shares More about Closer and their Future

The Chainsmokers released their album Closer in 2016. The anticipated new track features a guest celebrity by the name Halsey and unlike their initial singles like ‘Roses’ and then ‘Do not Let Me Down,’ Closer featured Andrew Taggart, one of the duos. Although an artist singing a solo version seems obvious in the music industry, teamwork would also do in the production of contemporary music when working DJ gurus, who solely rely on songwriter’s skills as well as vocalists to produce the human element of the masterpiece.

Personalizing Music

Chainsmokers’ idea of personalizing their brand matches their need to produce music that will have a closer connection to their fans. Over and above, they want to be recognized as real artists with their fans interests at heart instead of being compared to commoners who hide behind the instruments playing faceless beats. While other artists like deadmau5 conceal their actual identities behind synths, earthshattering drops and musical decoders, Taggart and his partner, Alex Pall are working tirelessly to expose themselves to the public.

Consistently weaving their emotions and identifying various channels that would expose them to their fans, the duo has notably been succeeding. Moreover, the pair is planning to establish their identity, Closer their new track as well as evolve as their fan base grows.

More about Alex Pall

Alex Pall is the mastermind of Chainsmokers. He majorly contributed to their evolution. Initially, as he said, they knew what they wanted to pursue in their lives at a tender age. Then the chat became more of how ambitious they could be. At that point, they were observant and dedicated most of their days to practice. Always getting together to compose a new song or listen to creativity from veterans in the industry, the duo eventually managed to penetrate the industry.

The Overview

Since they started working together, the Chainsmokers have bagged accolades including Grammy Award for Best Song of the year and a record-breaking hit for the year. As a team, they are destined to accomplish much in future.

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