Mark Mofid Brings Safer Implants to San Diego

It isn’t very often that you hear the words ‘gluteal augmentation spoken in the evening news. If you have heard it, it was probably associated with medical malpractice or some sort of accident. Dr. Mark Mofid is trying to change that. He is aware of the negative headlines plaguing the industry, and he is putting up a good fight to make things better.

Dr. Mofid is well known within the cosmetic medical community for many reasons. He went to John Hopkins University and Harvard. Other cosmetic surgeons recognize him as a wise colleague. He has a reputation as an innovator despite his formal training in medicine.

Having an amazing reputation in safety practices and compliance with industry standards has earned Dr. Mark Mofid the trust of many people. You regularly see patients asking for large implants in the gluteal amputation industry. This is not always a good decision. If the size is not right for the patient, it can put their health at risk. There are unscrupulous surgeons out there who will implant sizes that are too large to earn more money. Dr. Mark Mofid puts the patients safety first and advises them properly. He only performs procedures that he believes are perfectly safe.

Dr. Mofid is at the frontier of research in this industry. He tirelessly seeks out ways to make things better and safer than before. He is a shrewd scientific thinker and has great skill in thinking outside of the box. Through his years of training, he has achieved a deep understanding of the body’s muscular system, body fat, and skin. He is in a special position to help patients who are seeking out cosmetic surgery in the form of gluteal implants.

Some credit Dr. Mark Mofid with reinventing the industry. For more than 8 years, he has been developing new procedures that other surgeons seek to imitate.

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