Doe Deere, Changing The Way You See Colors

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company on a mission to revolutionize the makeup industry by encouraging you to express your individuality unapologetically. Doe Deere believes that beauty is more than what looks natural or what looks best. In her opinion, it is about what feels right in the moment. This belief is partially what led her to the development and launch of her company Lime Crime Cosmetics.


Doe Deere was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. Self-expression and the freedom to do so seem to have always been important aspects of Deere’s life. Before launching the cosmetic line, she was on track to becoming a clothing designer. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for a short time, but decided to drop out to get a head start on creating her own business. Deere began selling her designs and clothing back in 2004 on eBay. In less than a year she was able to create an online store and was generating steady sales. It was through exploring and experimenting with her own style that Deere discovered the lack of bright and unusual makeup colors in the cosmetic market. As the self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen,” bright and unusual colors play a big role in her style and designs. This is when she decided to make her own, and with that came the launch of Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008.


Lime Crime is fiercely colorful and is described by Deere as being “magical” and “inspiring.” It is a cosmetic line is notably cruelty-free and certified vegan, a facet highly valued by many young people today. The company’s mascot is represented by a unicorn which serves as an icon for “individuality, rare beauty, and compassionate kindness to all animals.” This line turned out to be a bigger hit than her clothing one and generated a lot more traffic and interest. By starting with contests and giveaways, the online exposure she was receiving allowed her to build up a strong fan base and loyal customers.


It is not only the bright and unusual colors that have garnered the company so much attention. It is about the values in which Deere holds as well. She is an avid listener and pays keen attention to the feedback she gets from customers online, people in the office, and from wherever else they may come. She believes that any form of criticism can be used to help her grow and better advance the brand. Deere prioritizes the idea of following your ambitions and urges female entrepreneurs to pursue them. She has actively spoke on these topics at events such as PHAMExpo and the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Lime Crime is marketed to the ones who are rebels at heart, those with a desire to stand out from the crowd. Deere wants you to live out your visual fairy-tale and feel confident doing so. This is why Lime Crime Cosmetics is a success.


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