Don’t Believe the Hype: Read an Objective AvaTrade Review

There is a lot of talk, nowadays. Finally, the media has admitted that it is guilty of “fake news.” That is why you should not believe the hype, you should read an objective AvaTrade Review to know what is real and what is fake.



Better Than Others


Back in 2006, a little Forex broker was created in Dublin, by the name of AvaTrade. There was little fanfare, but eventually it would make its name known. The firm was regulated by a number of government agencies, to give its members confidence.


All people needed was 250 units of pounds, dollars or euros to get started. Then, they could open a full account. Accounts also included the mini, managed and Islamic versions.


What assets were available here? There were commodities, fiat currencies, stocks, indices, ETFs and eventually cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade decided to be better than the competition and offered Bitcoin before they did. Why?



Better Than Bitcoin


Some people are simply timid, especially bankers. They follow banker’s hours and don’t really want to venture out into the unknown. AvaTrade took a chance.


They understood that Bitcoin was hot. They took a chance that it would continue to remain relevant. And, guess what … AvaTrade was right.


Now, AvaTrade has added other cryptocurrencies, like Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Neo and Ripple to its asset list. Each has its own special story. For example, Ethereum is used for many initial coin offerings (ICOs).


You can see if there is a digital coin that is better than Bitcoin at AvaTrade. You can use RoboX or ZuluTrade at AvaTrade. You can also customize the API to your ideal specifications.



AvaTrade Excellence Awarded


FX Empire has awarded AvaTrade for its excellence with annual prizes from 2013 to 2016. You can’t beat that. Not everyone is appreciated for what they do, but AvaTrade is.


Don’t believe the hype. Some of the propaganda is fake news. Believe the real news and make your own conclusions on whether AvaTrade is right for you.

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