Boraie Development Brings New Life to AC

Boraie Development LLC plans to open its new project, The Beach at South Inlet, by the summer of 2018. The property will consist of 250 brand new, residential rental units, and construction is currently underway in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This is the company’s first project in Atlantic City. The luxury community is situated just a quick few steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic City boardwalk. The fact that Sam Boraie selected Atlantic City as the site of the new construction is not just a coincidence, by any means. The vice president of the company, Wasseem Boraie, sees a bright future ahead for the city, as does many others.

Atlantic City has been in the decline for many years. In its heyday, Atlantic City was quite a popular resort area, and known as a vacation destination on the East Coast. This dates back to the days well before any casino had moved in. As the city fell even further into decline, the influx of the luxury casinos and hotels were expected to turn things around. That never happened, and the improvement in the financial health of the area, that wes expected to make a difference, did not come to fruition. You can visit their website

In recent years, it now appears that finally things are indeed on the upswing in Atlantic City. It is attracting the attention of many investors, including Wasseem Boraie and Boraie development. Many people now believe that the time has arrived for the long overdue rejuvenation of Atlantic City.

Boraie Development LLC is a full service real estate company. Their areas of expertise include real estate property development, property management services, real estate rentals and sales, and the related marketing of the properties. The company manages the properties within its portfolio. They strive to maintain a high level of service to their customers.

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