Robert Ivy: Architect Of Health

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects with an education from the University of the South and Tulane University. He graduated cum laude with a BA in English from the University of the South and a Master’s in Architecture as an honorary member of the architectural fraternity Tau Sigma Delta. Robert Ivy is heading a ten year initiative with the American Institute of Architects to use design to help public health and increase resiliency against natural disasters.
Public health officials and architects are working together to create designs that will promote better health by encouraging people to walk more and also by using design elements that decrease depression. With the obesity epidemic and depression at an all-time high in the United States, we can use all the help we can get. At least 35% of the United States’ population is obese and 34% are overweight. A more disturbing statistic is that 17% of children in the United States are obese. Just a generation ago, this statistic was 3 times lower. It’s widely known that the epidemic is caused by a general lack of exercise and poor diet among people in the United States.

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To curtail chronic illness caused by obesity, we need to implement design thinking according to Robert Ivy. From hospitals with places for recovering patients to engage in physical activity to schools with more natural lighting so students can concentrate better, there are several ideas that architects want to implement to make a healthier nation. Several institutions and cities have already implemented aspects of healthier design.

AIA is an non government organization that look after all architects in US. The organization aims at educating, advocating and maintaining a good public image. With the headquarters in Washington D.C, AIA is working hard to advance the architect profession. Since then the organization has played a major role in advancing the interests of this profession.
In Cleveland, MetroHealth Medical Center is leading the way to a healthier city. Not only have they renovated their hospital to allow patients to participate in more physical activity, they are working with the surrounding areas. From their school-based health clinics to their park renovations, they are actively working to better lifestyle choices in their city.
Robert Ivy was declared a Master Architect by the architectural fraternity Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. He is the only architect to be given that title in the 21st century and one of 7 in their entire history. In 2009 he received the American Business Media’s highest recognition of the Crain Award. He is highly accomplished and is leading the American Institute of Architects and the United States into a healthier future.

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