The First Endorsement for Candidate Conor Lamb

     The accomplishments of the Pennsylvania Democrat candidate for the 18th congressional district make him a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming special election. Conor Lamb has lived most of his life in Pennsylvania. He is familiar with the area and he is of the people. He intends to represent the various people in the 18th congressional district and to run on a campaign without corporate donor money. Because of this End Citizens United endorsed him and they helped him raise about $100,000 from small grassroots donations for his campaign.

He attended and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. After law school, Mr. Lamb joined the Marines, where he prosecuted rape and sexual assault cases in the Marines. One of those cases concerned a Marine who right under oath to the Washington Post about sexual assault case in the Marines. He won that case to convict that Marine. He went on to be the Assistant U.S. attorney in the United States Pittsburgh Department of Justice Office. He has worked heavily on cases concerning the opioid and other drug problems and gun trafficking cases for the Pittsburgh Department of Justice. It was announced on October 5, 2017 in the Pittsburgh post that Conor Lamb What is considering a run after the former representative Tim Murphy was forced to step down from his position. Murphy had to step down after having an extra marital affair resulted in him urging his mistress to have an abortion, despite his strong stance politically against abortion.

The election before did not have a Democrat candidate in the running at all, because republicans have traditionally won the 18th Congressional district. Conor Lamb knows that the odds are against him based on voting history of the district. He also knows that running on a strong campaign that has all the concerns of the citizens in the 18th district front and center, he has a chance. The End Citizens United President said that Conor Lamb taking only small grassroots donations is a clear stance on his part that he is for the peoples’ interests and not for corporate interests.

Lamb is running against Republican Rick Saccone. Saccone has been taking large corporate and private donations for his campaign that have been used in part to fund ads attacking Lamb. The special election is to be held on March 13.


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