Reverse Showroom Is Taking Fabletics Places

In four years, Fabletics has grown into a multibillion business. The online-based clothing brand is led by Kate Hudson, a prominent actress and model. Although she is new to marketing, Kate is a fashion mogul. This explains her reasons for blending into the world of athleisure. The sports gear and accessories brand incorporates client’s style and preference into generating a lovable, clothing line. Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with the intention of unifying women from different walks of life. How does she achieve this? By encouraging women to lead healthy life styles through investing Fabletics.


Kate Hudson’s Contribution


Kate’s ideas have massively, transformed the athleisure brand. She has a strong customer service team. This team reaches out to different clients by initiating online interactions. The interactions are based on establishing friendly rapport to understand clients and their preferences. For Fabletics, the clients matter more than the profit-generating scheme. That is why the firm continues to generate strategies that will win client’s hearts.


Business and Strategy


One strategy that Fabletics has managed to implement is the reverse showroom. Reverse showroom is not your typical, physical showroom that involves trying on clothes for a perfect fitting. Reverse showroom entails the establishment of an online –based platform that allows clients to air their views on the product. Until then, the company does not work on the outfits as there is not clear direction to the required brand.



Using Reverse Showroom


After launching the business in America, Kate Hudson ventured into offline marketing. This entails the use of physical stores to reach clients. The team agreed to generate brick as well as mortar stores. This must have been the most successful move of the year. Until now, Fabletics is known to have over 1,000 subscribers. By the look of the product review docket, the clients are impressed by the company’s service delivery channel. Fabletic’s success is partly attributed to Kate Hudson’s commitment. The talented model has done a tremendous job at ensuring that the fashion company is well structured in terms of service delivery and execution.



Kate’s Sentiments


According to Kate, Fabletics symbolizes women’s bright future. She is convinced that with the brand, women are likely to focus on acquiring better bodies. This is a true reflection of confidence and high self-esteem. In her capacity as the co-founder of the firm, Kate has initiated progress through consistent supply. She also holds dear the fact that management dictates the success of business.

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