Robert Ivy: The CEO Of One Of The Most Prestigious Architectural Organizations

     The American Institute of Architects has been one of the most well reputed architectural boards in the country. It is the body that represents all of the professionals working in the sector. The American Institute of Architects has undertaken several well known architectural endeavors, and a lot of these have been as a result of the efforts of the members that sit on its board. One of the more prominent members of the company is Robert Ivy, who currently stands as the Vice President and the CEO of the company. Ivy has been performing these two roles since 2011 and has brought a huge amount of development to the organization. He has been responsible for numerous programs that the American Institute of Architects has instated.

Ivy has had an immense amount of experience working in the sector and has worked with several projects and companies through the course of his career. One of the more notable positions that Ivy held was when he became the Editor-in-Chief of a company known as Architectural Record. The company released several publications which revolved around trending topics in the architectural industry and were directed to the people working in it. Having years worth of experience in the sector, Ivy proved to be an incredibly beneficial member of the company and contributed immensely to the growth that the publications experienced.

Robert Ivy also worked at another architectural publishing company known as McGraw Hill Construction. He implemented several new projects and ideas for the company, after which they rose to the position of being the most read architectural journals, worldwide.

Because of the incredible contribution that Ivy has had to all of the companies that he has worked with, he has received numerous awards from some of the most coveted organizations and associations. He has been the recipient of one of the highest honors in the architectural field, the Crane Award, which is offered to people who excel in business and supplement the growth of their corporations.

Because of Ivy’s interest in architectural publications, he decided to author his book on the well known American Architect, Fay Jones. The book was published under the name of the American Institute of Architects and offered a detailed and thorough account of the life and work of the architect, and the impact that he had on the society around which he built.

In addition to working at the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is on the board for several other notable architectural institutions and organizations. He is also on the board of advisors for Tulane University’s Architectural Department, which was where he obtained his degree from. He is also on the advisory board for a school of architecture in China’s Capital City.

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