Bob Reina’s Invention; Talk Fusion

Bob Reina was born in Florida, and he is the CEO of Talk Fusion. He was initially a policeman before 1990s. In the 1990s he started selling products in exchange for commission although he had no experience in sales. He made an extra earning and realized he was able to make life through selling. He quit his job as a policeman and engaged in network marketing.


In 2004 he developed an idea on Talk Fusion. This idea came at a time when Bob felt that it was much required yet was not available. He started a video email project together with Jonathan Chan, and three years later he launched the company. This company has been involved in a lot of philanthropic endeavors.


Bob Reina has continued to create more improvement and new inventions in network marketing. These innovations have taken technology a notch higher and are not only the pride of the inventor and starter but also the pride of the society as a whole. He has recently introduced a computer program that enables real-time communication, a program that uses WebRTC system.


This program is capable of transmitting one-way videos and video-based conference, something that has improved meeting and presentation arrangements. This app allows up to 15 hosts and 500 participants through tablets, PCs, and smartphone.


This new software is enhanced to boost recording technology without a separate download. Because there is no need for Adobe Flash Player installation or plugin software, this software has improved compatibility and time usage.


WebRTC is beneficial to the users and professional on marketing because it allows communication by voice with the use of the modern browser. The software has an intelligent system that enhances effectiveness and removes hassles.


This app gives a sharp video and clean audio. It is made in a way that allows a beginner to use it with no struggle and it maximizes security for both presenters and participants. The app eliminates the echo problem that would occur during the voice videos and audios. The only company that has succeeded in facilitating Conferences through WebRTC is Talk fusion under Bob Reina. Learn more:




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