Joel Friant Wants You To Have A Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant wants you to grab for a habanero pepper the next time you feel any aches and pains. This is because they habanero belongs to the Chinense family of peppers. This family of peppers contains some of the highest amounts of capsaicin found in the natural world. Capsaicin convinces your brain to release a dose of endorphins throughout your body, and endorphins are your body’s natural painkiller.


This is just one of the many health benefits of the habanero pepper. And that’s why serial entrepreneur Joel Friant brought back his trademark product — The Original Habanero Shaker.


The Original Habanero Shaker allows you to sprinkle this incredibly healthy pepper on your food at the dinner table. It works a lot like a salt or pepper shaker works. And there is an incredible depth of flavor inside The Original Habanero Shaker.


The heat and the capsaicin are balanced with an incredible dose of smoky and buttery flavor. If you take the time to savor the flavor, you’ll find it’s much like the flavor of chipotle but with more spice. And there is a lot more spice. On the Scoville heat scale, the habanero pepper averages 200,000 units of heat. For reference, jalapenos only pack 4,000 units of heat.


Joel Friant is bringing back The Original Habanero Shaker through online mediums. This serial entrepreneur sells his incredible products through eBay and Amazon to maximize profits. And that’s why this product can come roaring back after its initial debut in the mid-90s. By popular demand, Joel Friant brought back The Original Habanero Shaker after taking courses on how to sell products online.


Joel Friant’s career started back in real estate before taking a quick turn into the restaurant industry. He is the kind of guy that believes in free markets, and he has been using those free markets to bring products to life for decades. The serial entrepreneur is also incredibly interested in the psychological traits of successful business people. In fact, after the 2008 stock market collapse, Joel Friant devoted time to research the subject and he came up with his own business success program called The Income Thermostat.

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