Rick Smith: Wise Enough To Make A Difference

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, is man with a vast array of experiences. Prior to his job at Securus Technologies, Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he played multiple roles including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer. He has also served as the Vice President of Financial Management at Global Crossing, as Chief Information Officer and President of Frontier Information Technologies, as Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations and as an Operations Director at Network Plan. Smith holds an Associate of Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technolgy, a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the State University at New York, a Masters in Mathematics from the public State University of N.Y at Brockport and a Masters in B.A from Rochester’s University. As it is evident from his resume, Rick Smith is an extremely talented and experienced individual and it is this exact experience that he utilizes to lead Securus Technologies as its CEO. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company, founded in 1986. Since its’ founding, the company has invested over $6 million and has grown significantly in size – currently, the company has around a 1000 employees working under Smith’s leadership. Securus is responsible for providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions that improve public safety and modernize incarceration. The company’s HQ is situated in Dallas and it serves more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies across North America.

In an attempt to expand the Securus footprint, Rick Smith led the company to acquire JPay, a technology company that deals with electronic payment, entertainment and educational related apps in the corrections space. Smith commented that this move helped Securus break into the fastest growing segments in corrections; payments, email and inmate tablets. He went on further to state that Securus has admired JPay and he believes that the company is an innovative force. Smith believed that with JPay’s rise to success and with Securus in a position to offer anything high tech or software based for correctional agencies, acquiring JPay and combining forces was the best possible move. Ryan Shapiro, JPay’s CEO, stated that their focus is to develop groundbreaking products to gain adoption on a massive scale and with Rick Smith Securus backing them, they can make it happen. JPay operates the same way it did earlier; the only difference is Securus’ financial resources provide the company with a massive advantage. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Smith’s work with Securus has changed plenty of lives over the years. This change is evidenced by the thousands of letters and emails the company receives from thankful customers stating that Securus Technologies has provided more than adequate services in helping keep society safe – including the lives of inmates and their families. And with Securus acquiring companies such as Jobview to help released inmates find jobs, it looks like Rick Smith won’t stop making a difference any time soon.

Know more: https://apps.securustech.net/press_listing.asp?press_id=21

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