Elysium Health: Using Science to Promote Cellular Health

We are all made up of cells. While we may all have unique qualities—personalities, relationships, interests, etc.—when it gets right down to it, we are all made from the same biological building blocks. Our cells, and the things they hold (such as our DNA), determine much about who we are and future trajectories. Although you may not think about it much, it is vital to protect and promote your cellular health.

The Benefits of Basis

Elysium Health is a company that aims to give agency to consumers over their cellular health. Currently, they have one product: Basis.

Basis is a daily supplement that Elysium Health recommends its customers to take twice per day with or without food. The supplement is designed to promote the production of NAD+, a naturally occurring compound found in the body. NAD+ is involved in many cellular functions, from regulating circadian rhythm to metabolic processes.

NAD+ levels tend to decrease as humans age, affecting the processes that NAD+ plays a part in. Basis aims to replenish or increase NAD+ levels.

Does It Work?

Elysium Health does their homework before offering a product to their customers. The science behind Basis is founded on 25 years of aging research. Even further, Elysium Health funded a clinical trial in order to prove the efficacy of Basis, which concluded that the participants that took Basis did see an increase in their NAD+ levels compared to not taking the supplement.

Elysium Health Offers Subscription Service For “Basis”

While it is possible to buy a single bottle of Basis—about a month’s worth of supplements—for $60 on Elysium’s website, there are other subscription options for the supplement as well, on six-month and 12-month timelines. The payment options are as follows:

  • One Year: $480
  • Six Months: $270
  • One Month: $50
  • Single Bottle: $60

With several options, Elysium Health is attempting to give everyone the opportunity to pick a plan that works with their financial situation.

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