Josh Smith’s Entrepreneurial Skills

Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, is a well-known entrepreneur that credits his success to his willingness to adapt. The serial entrepreneur and CEO of many start-ups believe that to be successful one should be flexible to put useful advice and information in place. A recent article in Forbes suggested that one of the skills that make a successful entrepreneur is having a more perfected execution. Mr. Smith’s skill at selecting the right solution for a problem is top-notch, and that has made his businesses grow.

Like many entrepreneurs, Josh Smith has had his challenges. He got into business with the wrong partners. The disappointment made him almost give up his business and entrepreneurship. However, Josh learned his lesson, and he does not only take precaution in knowing the people he does business with but also those who are around him.
CEOs and math
According to Josh Smith, a smart entrepreneur should be ready to face reality, no wonder his all-time book is The War of Art. Accept precisely what is going on and know how to deal with it. That is the only way a CEO will be able to make fast decisions because it is crucial for business. The article in Forbes acknowledges the impact mathematics has on CEO’s brain. Math helps the brain remain active, and Josh Smith agrees that an entrepreneur’s mind should always be active. In fact, his favorite software is Luminosity purposeful for that.

Josh Smith business ideas coming to fruition in Reno, Nevada, come from gaps left in the business world. He noted that he gets the ideas when he wants to do something and cannot find a solution or the correct way to do it. These gaps gives him the urge to correct the issue hence creating a business. This is also a skill for successful business people, having a better insight. It enables the best CEO draw statistics and make the right decision, including venturing into new ventures. Mr. Smith being a serial entrepreneur has to involve himself in several projects at a go, to increase his productivity. All these characteristics have made Josh Smith a very successful serial entrepreneur and visionary in different fields.

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