Newswatch TV Review — Contour Design’s Spike In Sales Explained

Contour Design designs workstations and other devices for people who need to work. They design special keyboards that let people work without ruining their bodies or their fingers and getting carpal tunnel syndrome. However, Contour Design had a problem. They wanted to market their new workstation device to new people both online and on television. They needed someone to produce a great video for them.

What Contour decided to do was get in touch with Newswatch TV. They knew that Newswatch TV would be able to produce a great video for them. Newswatch TV produced a video segment review and made sure that it aired at the right time on their television series. Newswatch TV also made sure to share the video segment online.

The result of this was outstanding. Contour immediately saw a huge spike in the sales of their Ultimate Workstation device. Contour attributes this spike in sales to Newswatch TV and their efforts in distributing the video.

Bret Hudson, who heads the product marketing division at Contour, said that he was extremely impressed with the work that Newswatch TV has done. He said that the huge spike in sales can only be attributed to Newswatch TV. He added that the quality of the video was great and that the video was well produced. The targeted online campaign had almost seven hundred thousand impressions, and that is only the extent of the online reach. The offline reach was much greater than that, as Newswatch TV reaches almost one hundred million households.

Newswatch TV airs weekly, with a bi-monthly segment on another network. They introduce stories about tech and finance, as well as a host of other topics.

Newswatch TV was founded in 1990. They recently reached their one thousandth episode milestone.

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