Malcolm CasSelle: In-Game Token Innovator

Malcolm CasSelle is an American businessman and entrepreneur who developed a way on how to use in-game tokens differently inside the virtual world. He is the creator of WAX, or worldwide asset exchange, a platform allowing gamers to trade and participate in other activities in a virtual marketplace. WAX is also decentralized, meaning that there are no central authorities controlling the system. Game items subjected to WAX are being tokenized, resulting to the decrease in their prices. Malcolm CasSelle believes that by introducing the tokenization process for game items, virtual marketplaces and trading areas would thrive, and a brand new economy that can break into the physical world can exist. Tokens created through WAX are regulated, and they are secured. Malcolm CasSelle stated that in order for WAX to properly work, the tokens should be tied to assets assigned to an individual player, and there should also be an assigned transfer agent for each guild or group that will supervise how the transaction in the virtual world ends up. Transfer agents who are neglecting their duties can be changed as soon as possible, because the protection of the guild’s reputation and the transparency with each transaction is far more important. Malcolm CasSelle also integrated the block chain technology with WAX, hoping that it would minimize fraudulent transactions.

Graduating from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Malcolm CasSelle dreamed of becoming a successful programmer someday. He received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in computer science, and used his knowledge with computers to work for tech companies. He performed his duties with perseverance and dedication, and all of this paid off when he was promoted to become one of the executives of Digital Media of SeaChange International. Aside from working as an executive, Malcolm CasSelle is also active in supporting and co-founding other tech startups. He is currently working at Tronc Inc., serving as the company’s chief technology officer. Having a mind of an investor and entrepreneur, Malcolm CasSelle looks for the best form of investment where he can put his money. He invested in Zynga in the past, but he realized that bitcoin has better potential.

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