Reviews Prove NewsWatch TV Is Your Trusted News Source

NewsWatch is a television show hosted by Andrew Tropeano. It began production in 1990 and has since celebrated its 1,000th episode. This included over 10,000 individual stories covering public policy issues, finance, charities and medical breakthroughs. NewsWatch TV reviews reports on entertainment news, travel, consumer news, health and technology. Their segments air weekly on the AMC and ION Networks. Over 700 celebrities have visited NewsWatch to discuss important issues they support. Many of the Hollywood elite include Mila Kunis, Dwayne Johnson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Bradley Cooper just to name a few.
NewsWatch TV can be viewed in essentially every market around the world. They continue to reach over 95 million homes across the nation. NewsWatch TV is headquartered in Washington, DC and is at the top of the list of most successful independently produced news sources. They have a strong social media presence that includes an Instagram, NewsWatch Blog, Facebook, YouTube Channel, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Vimeo channel and Twitter account.

Avanca created a campaign to achieve funding for their Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. They set an aggressive goal of reaching $10,000 in just 30 days. Avanca needed to rely on successful promotion to help them reach such a milestone. They decided to add a promotional segment to be aired on NewsWatch TV. The segment was so successful, that they were able to raise over $450,000 in the 30 day time period. The Marketing Director at Avanca agrees that the reason they were so successful was because of the help of NewsWatch. The Avanca team highly recommends using NewsWatch TV for any of your campaign promotional needs.

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