The Elder Care And Therapy Programs Of Sussex Healthcare

For over 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has provided living and care services to the senior residents of West Sussex. In addition to providing residency healthcare services for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare also provides a multitude of health and therapy options for patients with dementia, neurological conditions, and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

Sussex Health Care’s dedication to its older patients goes beyond caring just for health. There are a variety of therapies designed to treat a diverse range of health care needs, and also activities to keep residents active and sociable. It’s this emphasis on therapy programs, social activities, and quality meals that makes up the services provided by Sussex Healthcare.

For patients with dementia, knowledgeable staff members are trained to provide therapy and form meaningful relationships with both the patients and their families. This includes reminiscence sessions designed to facilitate memory with photographs, videos, and other familiar items. Family members are encouraged to take part in these therapy sessions as well.


Therapy options are also available for younger patients. Sussex Healthcare boasts physio-therapies and hydro-therapies with specially trained staff to aid in recovery and improvement for patients with neurological injuries and physical and/or learning disabilities.These treatments focus on health and fitness for Sussex Healthcare patients.

The neurological conditions treated by Sussex Healthcare include, but are not limited to, Acquired Brain Injury, Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, and Spinal Cord Lesions. Along with therapy treatments to improve movement, trained staff include patients in creative activities to help improve brain function.

In addition to participating in many of the same above therapies and activities, the specially trained nursing staff at Sussex Healthcare will assist PMLD patients in maintaining their independence. This includes opportunities for PMLD patients to do their own food shopping, maintain their own lawn, work their own job, and many other expectations of functional adults.

Sussex Healthcare is very dedicated to providing quality elder care and therapy services. Its facilities boast a variety of physical therapy options, and activities are provided for the social and mental health benefits of its patients and residents. Residents of Sussex Healthcare are treated to quality 24/7 care by an attentive staff of highly trained professional nurses and therapists.

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