The Wall Street Journal Honors The Oxford Club As The Best In Its Field

The Oxford Club is a global network of entrepreneurs and investors. The Oxford Club strives to assist every member as they pursue financial success. Most of the best financial opportunities are hidden. That is why The Oxford Club spends hundreds of hours looking up different investment opportunities, so that their members will have a clear idea of the most lucrative ones.


The Oxford Club was founded by Agora Inc’s William Bonner. Bonner originally named it The Passport Club. Bonner renamed The Passport Club as The Oxford Club because he believed that The Oxford name would symbolize tradition. Soon after, Bonner collaborated with Mark Nestmann to establish the Oxford Communique.

Recently, it was announced that the Wall Street Journal selected The Oxford Club as the best in its field. Despite a conservative approach, The Oxford Club has helped their members receive an annualized gain for the last 10 years. The Oxford Club has mastered the idea of getting their members a larger return without a lot of risk. The Oxford Club continues to expand by adding experts with their own unique skill sets. This allows the Oxford Club to offer more investing ideas.

The Oxford Club believes that achieving success on the stock market depends on analyzing businesses to find the ones with the most potential. Consistent long term financial success is built on companies increasing their sales and market shares, improving their operating margins, and paying back debt. The Oxford Club advises their members to avoid listening to the media’s consistent threats that tough times are ahead. Club members simply follow the plan and they will reap the benefits.

Investment U

Investment U provides the educational aspect to members of The Oxford Club. The e-letter Investment U Daily provides different videos and courses that members can view. All of Investment U’s resources are designed to help members on their quest to receive complete financial freedom. Investment U Plus allows members to receive advice from established market experts that appeared on CNBC and Fox, among other places. Investment U recently launched two new courses: Quantum Profits and Prime Profit Secrets.

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