Mike Baur- Disrupt the Prevailing Norms

Mike Baur is a businessman from Swiss. He is the managing partner and the co-founder of Swiss Startup factory. Mike has a vast working experience of more than 20 years in the banking sector. He has worked for companies likes Clariden Leu, UBS. In 2014, he founded Swiss Startup Factory after quitting his banking career to invest in startup companies.


The co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory is Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Baur was a jury member entrepreneur. He grew in Switzerland Freiburg region and earned his business degrees from the University of Rochester and Bern University. At the age of 16 years, he started his banking career where he worked in different companies and eventually owned the firm.


Before the age of 30, he received his first promotion while working at UBS and later he joined Clariden Leu where he held a high ranking position. Mike Baur main passion was in helping tech entrepreneurs and in February 2014, he partnered with fellow Bern University graduate to accomplish his goal. They came up with an incubator program that aided Swiss entrepreneurs by giving them training and mentoring services.


At Swiss startup factory, they provide funding to tech startups that look promising. Some of the benefits they receive include renting a free office, assistance in managing their business for three months, advice on service and market their products globally and a chance to network with other tech entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur also gives startup companies education which helps them obtain funding from other investors. These services have increased the success of startup companies. In addition to that, Baur has come up with pitch contest that gives founders of tech enterprise a platform to speak publicly about their plans, business models and products. To take part, a firm needs to have a capital of fewer than 1 million dollars.


In 2014 Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory Company, driven by urge and ambition to create global companies that are unique to their business models and products. The company provides three months program startup assistance in services, financing, mentoring, coaching, investor network, office space, and extensive entrepreneurial. Baur also serves as a board member for BV4 and uses bold strategies to move his company and passion to high heights of success to startup companies and SSUF. Baur’s effort and willingness has seen many companies pioneer technology ideas and promote economic development.


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