Brown Modeling Agency Finds The Best Talent

Located in Austin, Texas, the Brown Modeling Agency has been instrumental in finding the type of modeling and acting talent that is needed on runways all over the country, as well as on many TV and movie screens. Their fashion models have walked the runway for New York Fashion Week, as well for many other exciting and important events. The company seeks out exceptionally talented models and actors to work in commercials, movies, TV shows and videos. They aim to provide their clients with the best professional talent they have to offer.

The agency has been in business since September of 2015, having been started by CEO Justin Brown, who was once the head of the Wilhemina Austin agency before acquiring the former agency known as Heyman Talent-South and renaming it The Brown Agency. Justin, who is also a former model who put himself through college using his talent, expressed his pride in being able to find the most talented, professional and beautiful models and actors in the area and helping them develop their talent so they can be placed with the best clients.

The Brown Agency has become the only full-service modeling agency in the city of Austin, and it also has offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Their models have been connected to high fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, and other big name brands such as L’Oreal. The agency holds open calls for acting and modeling talent on Thursdays between 3 and 4 pm, only requiring that the hopefuls bring in a resume and a few pictures. They also accept online submissions from those who may not be able to make it to their studio but still want to apply.

Models and actors who have used this agency have been seen in significant TV and movie roles, as well as in many commercials. There are some who have also done print and catalog work, and some who have gotten voiceover opportunities. So, although the agency provides modeling talent to their clients, they also represent skilled actors, who they give additional training and development to, just as they do for the models. Visit for more

There is a good chance that everyone has seen the work of someone who is connected with this agency at some point, because The Brown Agency has been able to place a great number of their models and actors with many clients who seek the kind of talent that they possess.

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