Omar Boraie Transforms and Rebuilds New Brunswick

About 40 years ago, Omar Boraie moved from Egypt to New Brunswick with the aim of achieving his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He was inspired to venture into the real estate sector while in Brunswick. He quickly got into the industry without any hesitation.

According to the article published on, Johnson and Johnson devoted themselves to staying in New Brunswick when it was not doing well as an urban. Realizing this opportunity, Omar neglected structures along Albany Street and took advantage by purchasing plots. Omar established Albany Street Plaza Tower One and provided residents with first class offices. He then proceeded to develop Albany Street Plaza Two and the One Spring Street condominium followed shortly afterward.

As published in Bloomberg, The One Spring Street condo has about 120 apartments which are of different sizes. The apartments consist of one to three bedrooms each of them having full balconies and floor to ceiling windows. Depending on the design, the price of the two bedroom units range from $400,000 to almost $500,000. Boraie Development has been actively taking up underutilized plots and developing them into a beneficial property that offers office space and at the same time providing adequate housing.

Sam Boraie quickly took after his father. As per the article on NYTimes, he serves as the vice president of Boraie Development. Through innovative ways, he transformed demolition sites to come up with areas that are decent. After the area around Richard, Stockon College was bought from the former Showboat Atlantic City; there was an incident after claims emerged that the area looked like a dump.Nevertheless, Sam was confident that he required little time to put the condos back on the market. In addition to this, he would increase the capacity of the student’s hotel to 400, and sure enough, he saw it come to pass.


About Boraie Development

Boraie Development Company is a real estate enterprise based in Brunswick. Development has been growingly becoming an integral part of the area, and thus the company has quickly been extending its operations to other regions in the country. Aside from the projects that the company has been running in Brunswick, there are several others in Atlantic and Newark City. One Riverview is one of the accomplishments of Boraie Company which turned out to be the first high-rise residential establishment in more than fifty years. The community of Brunswick holds this establishment in high regard.

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